About Me

Moonbrook Cottage




I live in Shropshire hill country, close to the Welsh Marches with my partner and a collection of dogs, cats, hens and a goose! These pages illustrate my interest in spinning and knitting with a strong connection to folklore and local traditions. I also stir in an homage to the bee's as we run a few hives and sometimes take some honey and wax if there is enough to go round.


The women in my family have always used their hands to knit, to crochet, to tat, to embroider and to sew. My mother is a lace maker and my father can trace weavers in his family back to 18th Century Scotland.


I grew up wearing fairisle cardigans with their bright weaves and warm aran jumpers with their twists and turns, cables traditionally representing safety and good luck to the fishermen and diamonds for success and wealth. Aunts crocheted edging for tablecloths and tatted doilies, Grandma rarely had empty hands as she sat in her corner, collie at her feet. As a girl I was told stories about how my great grandfather sailed down the Clyde and across to Canada to set up the weaving looms and teach how to use them. My maternal grandfather was a tailor in the Grenadier Guards. Many of us have a connection to these crafts as they were a necessary part of life for many grandmothers, darning a sock, smocking for a shepherd, warm jumper for a fisherman!


An early interest in herbalism introduced me to the many uses of herbs including dyes and tinctures. This led me comfortably into the realms of folk lore and tradition and there I have sat for many years weaving together the love of plants, folklore and family with a liking for sheep, colours and a good yarn!